SMART Stuff Tab-Updated and New Links Added

The new year has begun and it is time to dust off our SMART boards and bring interactivity into our lessons.  I have updated my blog tab called SMART Stuff with new websites and checked to make certain all the oldies but goodies were still active.  Please go there and find some great sites, lessons, activities, that you can integrate into your curriculum.  The Smithsonian Virtual Museum is one of my favorites (my son and I went here before we took our trip to DC).

I am working on updating the rest of the tabs so please feel free to email me any great sites you have come across and I will add those too.  Finally, all great technology and curriculum websites that I come across can be found at

Have a great and SMART day!

FREE Educational Science Games for Teachers

Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers has compiled a list of 10 FREE Educational Science Websites for teachers.  He has researched and complied this list with the educator in mind.

Many of the sites have interactive activities for you to use with your SMART Board.  In addition, he also included a short description of the site and a link.

Check it out today:

neoK12-FREE Educational Videos, Activies, Lessons, and Games

neoK12 is a website that has the best collection of FREE Educational Videos, Lessons, Activities and Games all reviewed and screened by K-12 Teachers.  The subjects are science, math, English and fun videos.

Each subtopic has a definition, videos, pictures, and a way for students to create a presentation using the free Web 2.0 tools embedded in the site.  For instance, if you click on Comets there are 11 videos ranging from 2-9 minutes in length, a definition of a comet, and pictures of comets you can use to create a presentation.

Thank you to for the posting.

Check out the site today:

Free NASA Movie Clips for K-12

According to the website, “NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments produced weekly exploring current applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, topics. These videos inspire and engage students, helping them see real world connections.”

So, what does that mean to you as an educator?  FREE and awesome are the two words I can think of for this site.  What better way to teach these topics then have some short clips to introduce and conclude a lesson for your students?  They are age appropriate, valid, and engaging what more can you ask for as an educator…oh yeah and FREE!  They can also be viewed live or downloaded onto your computer for later use.

Thank you to Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers for blogging about this on his site.

Check it out today….NASA eClips

NASA’s The Space Place

I spend everyday going through my Google Reader  to see what information would be useful for my teachers.  Once I find something cool, I do a little more digging and see if it is something that I need to share with you.   Kelly Tenkely at posted today on her site about the  interactive NASA kid’s site called Space Place. This site deserved a little digging especially in the push for STEM education in education.

The Space Place has animations, games, projects, and fun facts about Earth, Space and Technology for students.   It also has a Teacher’s corner for teachers to access newsletters, printable images of space for bulletin boards, space related articles, math related articles, printable posters, and podcasts to download for the classroom.

Click here for more great ideas for use in the classroom.  Check out The Space Place today.