NETs for Students-The Right Technology for our Students

One of the areas in which educators are trying to level the playing field is in the area of technology.  Students that have access at home are jumping leaps and bounds ahead of those who do not.  However, what is the correct technology that our students need to learn?

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has created technology standards called NETS for students, teachers, and administrators for technology.  Georgia has recently adopted their version of the NETS for students. Below are some sites to assist you and your students in learning those important 21st century skills that are necessary to prepare them to become lifelong learners of technology.  You will be hearing the word NETS more and more so please make sure you take a look.

Georgia NETS-a wiki dedicated to assisting educators understand what NETS-s are and how to implement them into the classroom.

NETS-S Performance Tasksthe GaDOE has created this instructional technology frameworks page for teachers K-8 that align with the standards.  The creation of these tasks represents foundational work in providing teachers access to standards aligned, technology integrated, teaching and learning resources. The GaDOE plans to continue this work including the addition of more tasks in these and other curriculum areas for K-12.

NETS-S Implementation Wiki – The International Society for Technology in Education has created a wiki to assist educators to implement the NETS-S into their classrooms.