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Recently I have been getting a lot of emails requesting that we unblock youtube. Whether it is for a specific movie that a teacher would like to show to her students or just because they feel that youtube has so much to offer. I understand the idea of unblocking but I also see the flip side, the vast majority of the videos on youtube are not educationally appropriate. It is a great resource but it is not going to be unblocked anytime soon so what do educators do in lieu of this site?

All schools in Marietta City have Safari Montage and United Streaming. These two sources have great age appropriate educational videos for teachers to use with their classes. In addition there are other sites that are not blocked and today I want to share with you one called SnagLearning. According to the site it, “is dedicated to bringing high quality, award-winning documentaries to an online audience around the world — all for free”. The site has been grouped according to subject, age, or channel.  The channels are PBS, National Geographic, Sundance, etc.  There are over 1600 films that teachers can use with their classes…and they are not blocked.

Thank you Free Technology for Teachers for the technology tip.

Check it out today:

More SMART Lessons

Second day of the second session of the SMART User Group and we have a plethora of new lessons.  Marietta City School Elementary Teachers ROCK!  Click to see the new lessons to use today in your classroom.  Smart User Group K-12  (remember you need to sign in to the employee portal to access the lessons) .

New Marietta City Schools SMART Lessons

New SMART Lessons have been added to the MCS SMART User Group Website (Remember you will need to enter your username and password).

West Side has spent the year working on lessons/units and they have all been added and are ready for downloading. Other lessons will be added soon so keep checking back for more great lessons.

We have added the following:

2 kindergarten math (More, Equal, Less and Number Words)

1st grade science (Light and Sound and Magnets)

1st Grade social studies (Inventors)

2nd grade multiplication

3rd grade math (Elapsed time and Perimeter)

3rd grade language arts (Vocabulary)

4th grade Language Arts (Owl Moon)

5th grade Language Arts (Propositions and Text Structure)

EyeWitness to History: History Through the Eyes Who Lived It!

EyeWitness to History is a great website that has a collection of over 200 “eye witness” accounts to historical events.  The content is mostly in text format so it would be great for research but everyday they are adding more and more videos, pictures and audio .

The site has been created using various valid resources of personal accounts of major events in history to give the reader a full insight into the event.  For instance, the Attack on Pearl Harbor can be seen from the US or Japanese viewpoint.

The site is search-able as well as indexed in date order.  The front page also highlights “what happened this month” , “Recent Additions” and a “photo of the week” segment just to name a few.

Check it out today-

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Free History Channel DVD for Schools: America, The Story of Us

The History Channel has a 12-part mini series called America, The Story of Us debuting on April 25th.  According to the channel it is, ” a six week event that provides a fascinating look at the stories of the people, events, and innovations that forged our nation.”

In addition to the show, the channel is offering a FREE copy of the full show on DVD via their website to all schools who request one.   The only requirement is for Principals to fill out a VERY SHORT form at  The History Channel website to request a copy (there are asking for school name, address, grades taught,etc.).  They in turn will ship a FREE DVD copy to your school in August.

Please take advantage of this amazing instructional material for your school.  Check it out here:

Thank you to the Free Technology for Teachers website for the great tip. Educational Videos Hosting Site is a site that is similar in nature to and youtube/education.  Unlike Youtube, this site is not blocked at the schools.  The site has over 4,300 educational videos that are produced by educators and you as an educator can upload to the site as well.

For instance, I searched for an education video on Earth Day and was able to find two videos that I could show to my my students.  I embedded it below for your viewing.

Check it out today

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FREE (Federal Teaching Resources for Educational Excellence)

FREE (Federal Teaching Resources for Educational Excellence) is a site that  makes it easier to find teaching and learning resources from the federal government that focus on the US curriculum.  More than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies and new sites are added regularly.

The site is searchable by Math, Science, Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Health/Physical Education, Arts/Music.  You can also search by videos, primary documents, animations, and photos.  The site is easy and quick to find free stuff for education.

Thank you to for the technology tip.

Check it out today:

Best Websites to Teach and Learn about African-American History

February is African American History Month so what better time to research and find great sites to help you teach but the end of January.   Larry Ferlazzo has done most of the work for me.  He has revised his list of  Best sites to teach and learn about African-American History on his blog.  The list is in no particular order of preference just a great plethora of sites to use next month.

Also, even though Martin Luther King Day was yesterday here is Larry’s list of Best Websites for Learning About Martin Luther King.