Free Video Editor-Jaycut

Thanks to a tip from Dean Yoder, I have found my new favorite FREE online video editor.  The site is called Jaycut and it is fantastic.  I do have to put in a disclaimer that the site is not intended for students to use but is more for the teacher to edit video for teaching or personal use.  The age limitations are 18 and over.

Why am I sharing a site that students cannot use?  I have always promised to share new great technology with you no matter what the age is because we all need easier was to teacher our students.  More and more teachers are creating and utilizing visuals for class and this is a free, simple, way for teachers to edit their movies and create slideshows.

I have to admit, Dean you were correct.  This is super easy and so much better than movie maker can ever be for the user.  I was able to upload, edit, and create my movie in under 10 minutes and that included saving it to my computer.  I love this site and hopefully you will too.

Check it out today:

As a P.S.  Free Technology for Teachers also published today a great “how to” use Jaycut.

Check that our as well:  How to Create a Movie Using Jaycut