BrainPOP is Getting a New Look

BrainPop has changed their site and I cannot wait for it to go live.  You will now be able to access BrainPOP on any device without having to install an app.  This means that all of their content has been changed over from flash so that it can be accessed from iPads too.  Below the message from BrainPOP is a quick 2 minute video showing you all that is coming.


We’re putting the finishing touches on a major BrainPOP site redesign, set to go live later this month. Developed with input from multiple educators, the new look will be fresh, appealing, tablet- and smartphone-ready, and even easier to navigate.

But while the site may look different, it’ll still be home to all the great features you’re used to – from Make-a-Map and GameUp to our topic pages and teacher resources. We’re even adding some new ones!

The upcoming change is just part of our ongoing efforts to adapt to your evolving needs; we think you’ll be as excited about it as we are. We’ve put together an overview screencast to give you an idea of what’s coming.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any concerns, questions, or ideas about the site, now or down the road.


NJCTL-Free Open Source Content for Grades K-12 in Math and Science

Good Morning,

In my workings today, I found this site that I am totally excited about being an educator in Marietta.  This site is called The New Jersey Center for Learning   It is a site that has SMART lessons, homework, labs, and assessments for teachers to download for FREE in Common Core Math and Science.  They also have lessons in Spanish and Math Intervention (see below for details).

All the courseware is located on the left hand side of the website under courses.

I can go on for paragraphs explaining what I learned about this site today but here is the link for you to browse on your own time.  Description of New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

I hope I am sharing something new because I just love this site.


35 Coherent courses

PSI and PMI both use the same core pedagogies, assessment strategies, and technology, but each has its own set of free, online courseware to support the teaching of 35 courses including PMI courseware for grades Pre K-12, and PSI courseware for grades K-12. Courseware includes presentations, homework, labs, and student assessments for every course.

Spanish language courseware

Through a partnership with teachers implementing PSI-PMI in San Luis, Argentina, courseware is being translated into Spanish. Some materials are available now.

Discovery Education: A Live Tour Inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

In celebration of Space Day, on Friday, May 1st from 1-2pm Discovery Education will host a 30 minute FREE virtual tour from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  Students and teachers alike will find out more about NASA’s Missions, discoveries, and why it is important to continue exploring the solar system.

In addition, Discovery Education has compiled classroom activities for grades 3rd-12th to enhance your students experience.  Students can also submit questions for Dr. James Garvin, the GSFC Chief Scientist and may even have them answered on air.

If you cannot make the live tour, you can sign up and watch it at your own when it it fits into your schedule and still utilize the lessons.

Check it out

FREE Ipad Project Menu by TechChef4U

I find myself following some of the best people on Twitter lately.  One of them is @TechChef4U.  I am realizing that she has already created something that I was just thinking about OR even better she creates it before I think about it.

Her newest addition is a FREE iPad Project Menu for students and teachers.  It can be found here   She gives examples of a task that students can do and App(s) that would be appropriate to accomplish them.  For example, if you want your students to create a portfolio or Collection of Resources they could use Bulb.  If you want your students to create an infographic or poster they could use or Canva.  This is just a sampling of what she has on the menu.

The menu also gives answers to possible questions you may have when thinking of using apps.  Do I have to collect student work?  Do Students need to create an account to utilize the tool? Please check it out.  It is only 2 pages but has sooooo much information on those pages it will be worth the read.

Poll Everywhere: Biggest Update Ever

Poll Everywhere has updated their site and the prices have not changed for educators.  Below are some of the new upgrades that come with your account.

A whole new PollEv experience

  • Your students can now use intuitive response formats like ABC, 123, and True/False. You don’t have to use those long, auto-generated response codes unless you really want to, not even for open-ended questions.
  • Get creative with fancy new visual settings for your polls, including customizable heat map charts and a color scheme picker!
  • Configure, Test, Present. Creating and presenting polls is easier than ever with the new interface. It has a built-in testing panel, so you can try responding using text messages or a smartphone browser as you edit polls. See exactly what your students will see.

Ranking polls

Say hello to our number one, most-requested feature. It allows students to drag and drop a list of items into their correct order. Then it weights the results and displays them as a live chart. Enable this one in Labs.

Presenter for Mac is reborn

Congratulations, Mac users! The Apple Keynote team listened to your requests. You can now embed poll slides in PowerPoint or Keynote, even if you’re running Yosemite and/or the latest version of Keynote.

Web Slides

We invented live web-based polling. Then we invented a way to embed those live web polls in PowerPoint. So it’s not surprising that we’ve now invented a way to embed ANY live web page (streaming videos and all) in a PowerPoint slide. Download or update the Poll Everywhere Presenter add-in for Windows, and you’ll get all the new magic. Activate Web Slides in the About menu on the app.

New Presenter Remote

More coolness in the Presenter add-in for Windows– you can turn your smartphone into a PowerPoint presentation remote, with no app to install on your phone. It’s super easy to use, so you can focus on presenting the material and engaging your students.

Apply to be a MATH Learn Zillion Educator

Apply to LearnZillion’s 2015 Dream Team

LearnZillion is looking for up to 200 teachers, academic coaches, and administrators who deeply understand K-8 math content to join our 2015 Dream Team!

Begin your application »

Who are we looking for?

Teachers, academic coaches, and administrators from all types of schools and districts who:

  • Want to scale their impact far beyond their own classroom and school

  • Deeply understand the K-8 math content they teach and want to share that conceptual understanding with others

  • Are excited to give and receive thoughtful and critical feedback on lessons

  • Are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into a rigorous and challenging content creation process

  • Are eager to join a nationwide community that is committed to providing high-quality resources to all teachers and students.

As a member of the 2015 Dream Team, you will:

  • Develop a diverse collection of mathematics Common Core resources and materials for grades K-8. These resources will expand and strengthen LearnZillion’s K-8 free, digital math curriculum.
  • Collaborate with your Dream Team colleagues in online professional learning communities.
  • Work closely with a math content-expert coach and receive regular one-on-one feedback from your coach.
  • Develop your own coaching and leadership skills around how to provide high-quality, content-based feedback and facilitate professional learning communities.
  • Be provided with the equipment and software necessary to create LearnZillion lessons and resources.
  • Receive a $2,000 stipend.
  • ​Be recognized on LearnZillion’s website.

About the Application Process

Click here to access the application. Due to the limited number of spots and high volume of interest, we require a two-part application:

Content Due Date
Part 1
  • Basic background information
  • Two short essay questions
  • A pedagogical content knowledge exercise
1/25/2015 at 11:59 pm EST
Part 2 You will have access when Part 1 is completed
  • Draft a LearnZillion-style lesson
  • Provide feedback to a fictional colleague
  • Reflect on the process
2/15/2015 at 11:59 pm EST

Questions about the Dream Team?

  • Hear about the experience from other Dream Team teachers!
  • Click here to learn more about the Dream Team (what you’ll do, who we’re looking for, and the support you’ll receive during the process).

Questions about the application process?

Flipping Professional Development

Donna Harleston and I attended GaETC last week in Atlanta, GA.  We learned so much that afterwards our brains hurt.  We learned about flipping, BYOT, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Digital Storytelling, oh my.  One of the areas that left the biggest impression was Flipping Professional Learning.

Teachers have a lot to do during the day and just like our students they want to learn but finding time is hard.  Donna and I felt we should add additional modes of delivery to our repertoire.  The first place we started was on the MCS Employee Portal.  We created a page called Technology Teacher and Learning.  The name will probably change but we needed to strike while the irons were hot.

On this site there are links to software that Marietta City Schools has access to for teachers and students.  Each program currently has guides to help implement the technology into the classroom.  Our goal is to create Screen Casts for our visual learners to be able to watch a video on how to use that technology in their classes as well.  We are so excited that we wanted to share our newest creation as soon as we got it up and running.

Check it out at Technology Teacher and Learning.  You will need to type your username and password for the employee portal to access the site.

FREE Online Professional Webinars from GALILEO and Encyclopedia Britannica


The GaDOE ELA department is developing a new series of webcasts for teachers and administrators sharing implantation tools for common core. These webcasts are posted on the website – ELA professional learning.  Each grade level webcast features a teacher describing the instructional practices, performance tasks, and the resources she/he used to implement the common core standards addressed in the lesson.  Currently, there are 3 webcast ready for viewing – all at the secondary level.  We will be posting other grade levels as they are completed and all grades should be represented by the end of January.

GALILEO/Encyclopedia Britannica Online Webinars

The CCGPS Literacy standards ask content teachers to help students build knowledge through content-rich nonfiction. GALILEO and Encyclopedia Britannica are ideal, free resources for accessing quality and appropriate texts to help students learn about math, science, technology, and career specific concepts.

The Georgia Department of Education is happy to provide a series of free webinars demonstrating how to utilize Encyclopedia Britannica Online through GALILEO for STEM teachers and students. An Encyclopedia Britannica Online professional learning specialist will demonstrate the features and explore how to integrate informational texts for various STEM topics.

In January, professional development specialists from GALILEO will provide a series of free webinars demonstrating how to use GALILEO to meet teacher and school goals for Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online Webinar Schedule:


Monday, December 10  3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Middle School

Tuesday, December 11  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

High School

Wednesday, December 12  3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


GALILEO to the Core: Leveraging Digital Resources for Literacy in CCGPS Classes


Tuesday, January 22  3:30 PM- 4:30 PM


Middle School  Tuesday, January 29

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

High School  Thursday, January 31

3:00 PM – 4:30

FREE Science for Everyday Life and Young Scientist Websites

3M has partnered with Discovery Education to

bring you two wonderful science websites. and

In Science of Everyday life there are

Virtual Labs – located in the Innovation HQ & Teachers sections (TOPICS: Getting Connected Lab – current electricity, Too Hot to Handle Lab – heat energy, Wind Energy Lab – power, wind energy)
Videos, Interactives, & Lesson Plans – located in Teachers section (TOPICS: use the videos to show MS & HS students STEM career opportunities, use the interactives to model concepts such as Weather Patterns, use the lesson plans to explore the science concepts around your classroom – see curriculum integrations section below for examples)
Innovation HQ – Allow students to work through the Innovation HQ as they learn about the history of innovations in Travel Through Time, observe everyday products and the technologies that make them work in Innovation Exploration, and apply new information to virtual models inside of the Virtual Labs
Hands-on Activities –located in the Families section & Student section (TOPICS: family activities will help students discover the real-world science around them and make connections to what they are learning in school)
Science News – located on the homepage (TOPICS: current events related to science news)
Lesson Plans & Videos – provide opportunities for your students to grow their passion for science (EX- show the video on the inventor of the Super Soaker or learn more about big issues like head trauma due to sports injuries)
Certificates – whether you’re looking to provide positive reinforcement to students in you classroom or to recognize students in a science fair, these PDF certificates are easy to edit and can spice up your event
Webinars & Tips from Students – watch recorded events highlighting previous finalists as they share what helps to make a winning submission and read blog posts from previous finalists
Student Prizes – Encourage your students to enter for the chance to win one-of-a-kind prizes. Ten finalists will work with world-renowned 3M Scientists during a summer mentorship and compete for $25,000, a trip from Discovery Student Adventures, the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist”.

Put ZAPtion in those lessons

Put some ZAPtion in those lessons!


ZaptionAccording to eSchool News, “Screen time remains a hot-button issue, but classifying technology use guidelines to include active versus passive use, and how the technology is used, could help redefine traditional screen time guidelines…”

At nearly every event our Discovery Education uses our Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) to share ways in which educators can transform the viewing experience. These strategies are simple and are designed so that educators can customize them to match their teaching style and meet the needs of their specific learners.

One way we see many educators customizing the strategies is through integrating web tools.  One of my favorite new tools is Zaption.  This online resource allows you to add a variety of different types of questions and responses to images and videos. It will even pull data on their results.  Using this tool would transform the SOS strategies like 3 Truths, 1 Lie, 6 Word Story, Guess the 2-1-4, Myth Bustin, 25 Things You Need to Know, There’s an APP for That, and several others.

I shared this tool at the DEN Streamathon during my “Day in the Life” presentation and jaws in the room literally dropped. So if you want in on the jaw-dropping action, Zaption is extending a trial of their Pro version to our Discovery Educators.  All you need to do is go to .  If you already have an account, log in first, then click the link and your account will automatically be upgraded.

DEN STAR Ambassador Karen Wells has organized some great resources to help you get started on this doc.

When you create your first tour incorporate an SOS and let us know. We’d love to feature it here!

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